Our Products

We are more than glad to offer the best products for outdoor activity for the best price. Working hard hand by hand with the factory to present the products to the final customer avoiding intermediaries. Never has been more easy and affordable to go outdoor. Americ Empire, were your Money Worth More!

Our Mission

While the outdoors enthusiast today participates in a wide range of activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking and camping; But they all have one thing in common: their team should never stop them. Our mission at Americ Empire is to create high quality products that accompany the camper in all of his outdoor adventures.


About Us

We created a company in the United States with the objective of raising the experience of the camper, a company that we can be proud of. As a private company led by founders, we can work quickly and respond to the needs of our customers without anything getting in our way. We invest our time in quality engineering features, in better quality materials, customer service and great design. We are working to achieve a better camping experience for all. Breaking the barriers, through education, that have made camping seem difficult or somewhat obsolete, because we also believe that nature and the outdoor hobby make us have a direct connection with our family and friends