How to Choose the Best Large Cabin Tent?

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If you are planning to go on a camping trip and want to buy a best cabin tent, must first learn about the basics of it. Without knowing about the basics of cabin tent, you may end up making a wrong purchase. Let’s explore what is a cabin tent and how to choose a best one for you.

Cabin tents are those tents which have vertical walls and a peaked “A” shaped roof top. This style of the roof enhances the overall capacity and height of a tent and make it more spacious. From outside, the have a little home type appearance and form inside, they present a room type texture.

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Now you must be wondering about how to choose a best cabin tent? You would be able to choose a best cabin tent by deciding about the following factors. 


1. Cabin Tent Material

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It is very important that you buy a cabin tent with the most durable material. For example, the tents which are made up of nylon material are most durable and recommended. They are mostly recommended because the nylon is water-proof. So, if it starts raining during your camping, they would provide you the shelter from water. Similarly, different types of tent materials have different properties. Must choose a one that would be most suitable according to weather conditions during your trip.


2. Cabin Tent Weight

First and foremost, important thing about the cabin tent is deciding on its weight. There are some cabin tents in the market which are a bit heavy to carry from one place to another. There are some other cabin tents which are more portable and not that much heavy. Based on your conveyance and convenience, you can choose a cabin tent. For example, if you are travelling on your own car, you can either go for buying a bit heavier tent as you can easily keep it in your car. In contrast, if you are travelling in some public transport or on a bike, consider buying a light weight cabin tent so that you can easily carry it from one place to another.


3. Cabin Tent Capacity for Few or Several Person

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It is very important to look for the cabin tent capacity before you go for buying one for you. If you are going to some place with a number of your friends or family members, it is recommended to buy a large size cabin tent. If you are going somewhere for camping with only one or two people, then you can buy a smaller sized cabin tent. The capacity of the tent will be decided based on the number of people that will be with you in camping. Always choose the cabin tent capacity based on the number of people in your trip. If you choose the wrong sized tent or wrong capacity, it would cause the adjustment problems later on.

4. Peak Height

Different sizes of cabin tents come with different sizes of peak height. Always look for a peak height in which you can stand easily. There are a number of cabin tents available in the market in which you can stand and move around easily. These tents would give you the feeling as if you are in your own room. The peak sizes don’t always depend the size of your cabin tent. It means that you can also get a larger peak height with even a smaller capacity cabin tent and vice versa.

5. Number of Doors

In order to choose a best cabin tent for you, take a special focus on the number of doors. If you are camping with your family, all of you would be jumping over each other for going out for midnight washroom trips. It would happen if you will be using the one door cabin tent. Therefore, it is recommended to use a multiple doors cabin tent if you are camping with your family and friends. However, if there are just 2 or three people, you can buy a single door cabin tent as everyone of you would easily approach the door. Therefore, must pay a special consideration to the number of doors in choosing the best cabin tent for you.

6. Number of Windows

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Before you actually go for buying a cabin tent, make sure to decide on the number of windows you want. Some cabin tents are available in the market with a large number of windows. While there are many others with only 2 or 3 windows. You can decide the number of windows based on various factors such as increased air flow, weather conditions etc. For example, if the weather is very cold, you would prefer limited windows so that the cold breeze may not come inside you tent through windows. As compared to it, if you are camping in a hotter place, prefer a cabin tent with more windows. It is important because in this way, you would be able to make your camping experience more relaxing and airy. Similarly, if more people are camping with you in a cabin tent, choosing a tent with more windows would allow more air and oxygen to pass by.

7. Ventilation

As discussed in above paragraph, carefully deciding on the number of windows and doors would ensure ventilation in your tent. The ventilation means the movement of air inside and outside your place, home, or tent. Due to the change in weather, most of the people start suffering through the breathing issues. When we go on a trip with camping plan, obviously the weather of our destination doesn’t always the same as if our home-area weather. In such conditions, there are higher chances that anyone of you may feel suffocated and difficulty in breathing in camping. In order to avoid this issues, ensure that your cabin tent allows enhanced ventilation. For this purpose, you can choose a cabin tent with more windows and more doors.

8. Features Interior Pockets

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 As you are far away from your house and have no cabinets and organizers with you, the cabin tent interior pockets are life-savers. They help you a lot in keeping your important stuff in them that you can also grab within minutes. If you keep your keys in the interior pocket of cabin tent, you can easily access in within seconds. In contrast, if you keep the keys in the tent floor, you may waste a lot of time in searching and finding them every time you need it. This is because there would be a lot of other stuff and everything would get mingled with each other. In such situations, the interior pockets help a lot in keeping your main stuff organized within pockets. Therefore, must look for more interior pockets in a cabin tent before buying one for you. 


9. Tent Repair Kit

Most of the cabin tents come with a tent repair kit in which all the accessories for repairing your tent are kept. Make sure you buy a cabin tent with a tent repair kit because it will help you a lot. Especially at odd times, such as in the midnight, if you find any damage to your tent, you can easily repair it. Usually, no outside service is available at odd times and the tent repairing kits are the only help in those times. Therefore, must look for a tent that can be managed easily by using this kit. In this way, you wouldn’t be worried because you would know that if anything happens, you can use your kit. 

10. Cost of Cabin Tent for Sale

After you list down all the important features that you need in your cabin tent, must specify a budget. Cabin tents are available in the market in a wide range of prices. You must first list down all the required features and then decide about how much money you can spend. The larger the size of the cabin tent, the larger will be its price. The smaller the size of the cabin tent, the smaller will be its price. Therefore, it you are only 2-3 people going for camping, a smaller size cabin tent is enough for you. If you are going with a group of more than 4 or 5 people, then consider buying a larger size cabin tent. Ask everyone to contribute to the cost of buying a tent so that no one would feel the burden. In this way, you would be able to choose a best cabin tent for you by following the above guidelines. Not only this, but your trip would be more mesmerizing and memorable through this amazing cabin tenting/camping experience. 


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