Camping Hacks Tips Tricks 2020

outdoor camping hack tips and tricks


Find out how you can make camping easier, have fun and surprise your friend with this tips and tricks. Our experts are selected this camping hacks to make the outdoors a little more comfy and easy. Here’s a list of our favorites.

Camping Hacks 1. Light up while Camping Make a Bigger Lantern

 When it gets dark, maximize the light of your headlamp with just a translucent jug or bottle of water. Simply tie your headlight to your water bottle with the light turned in and it will act as if the light comes out of the whole bottle of water, giving more light amplitude to the whole interior of the tent. We found some campers use the cellphone light inside the tent because there is not enough light inside.

Camping Hacks 2. Start Easier a Camping Fire Pit

If you do not have alcohol to start a fire, as an alternative you can use hand sanitizer to start a fire. This is because the disinfectant has brand new elements such as alcohol that help to light a fire in the absence of fuel. This is specially important when you have wet wood.

Camping Hacks 3. Make a New Grommet Out of a Rock.

Lose a grommet? Twist a rock in the same corner to make a new anchor point. Give the rock a respectable name like Rokky.

Camping Hacks 4. I You need a Selfie Stick But you Forget it

Attach your GoPro to a wooden stick! and take those unforgettable moment that you´ll love.

Camping Hacks 5. What to do if Your Phone Got Wet

If you phone got wet remove the battery ASAP or turn it off and  put it in that bag of rice. The rice will act as a silica gel packs  and adsorb  the moisture.

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