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Family Tent and Large Tent

Are you going on a camping trip with your family but worried about the hotel rates for hiring a room? Why don’t you consider living in a large family tent rather than staying in a small congested hotel room? You must be thinking about what actually is the large family tent and how to choose the best one? Don’t worry! Because this article will help you in learning A-to-Z about large family tent. First of all, let’s explore what is actually the large family tent?

Best Family Tent for Sale Online 2019

Best Large Tent for Sale 2019

Large Camping Tents. Why Select this Kind of Tent?

 A large family tent is a tent which is more spacious and larger in its capacity to hold people in it. It may be consisting of a large single room or there may be different rooms in it for a family. Whatever layout you prefer for your camping with family, it will give you a mesmerizing experience.

The biggest advantage of large family size tent is it would allow you to stay closer with your family members instead of staying in different locations.

Buying Guide to Select Family Camping Tents

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• Determine the Budget First

The first and foremost important thing about buying a large family tent is to determine your budget. It is very important that you must specify the amount that you can spend on it. You must know that the large family tents are a bit expensive than the other tents such as dome/cabin tents. They are expensive due to their larger sizes and extra material used in their manufacturing. If you are going on a trip with a number of family members, you can share the cost with other members. In this way, it wouldn’t remain that much costly for all of you while maximizing your trip pleasure.

• Determine the number of people and tent size

It is also important to decide about how many people are going with you on a trip. For example, if you are going on a trip with 7-8 family members, then you can buy a normal sized family tent. If you are going on a family trip with 15-20 family members, then you must buy a large sized family tent. It is important to figure out the number of people before choosing a tent for you so that you may not make a wrong purchase. For example, it is a waste of money to buy a full size large family tent for just 5-6 people. Therefore, always determine how many people will be with you in a tent before buying a large family tent.


• Determine if the Tent is Waterproof and Heavy Duty

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Once you specify your budget, number of people, and size of tent, now it’s the time to determine the right tent Material. Choosing the Material carefully is critically important because it would protect you from weather conditions. For large family tent, most selling materials is canvas material but the nylon and polyester materials are equally effective. There are combinations of material that make the tent breathable and waterproof.

Factory Material

You must carefully read the material content of the Tent, you will see materials like this PU 2000mm. All waterproof garments will be given a waterproof rating that is determined with a hydrostatic head test- most often this is expressed in mm. If a garment is 2,000mm waterproof this means the fabric can withstand 2,000mm of water over a day before water will start to penetrate through.

A PU 1000mm is for sure a lot cheaper for you but is not recommended if you get into a storm. A PU 1500mm is the most common material use for commercial Tents, but we highly recommend to buy just Pu 200mm and above, to make the tent 100% Waterproof.

Another material you should check is the Poles materials. For example the most common material used for poles in the Fiberglass Pole, that is a lot cheaper but it will not guarantee you a long life. This is particular important because Steel Poles Legs are recommended for Large tents like Family tents, because the large structures are weaker and easy to fell and broke in a windy day.

Steel Legs Poles will guarantee you a heavy duty tent that will stand up in any weather, by another hand will keep you safe inside. Can you imagine get in a Storm and your Tent let you down because is not Strong enough and the fiberglass poles broke easily and left those sharp shards of exposed fiberglass. Don’t touch this stuff!! The tiny glass particles can work their way under your skin, causing an itchy red rash.

• Tent Weight

As the larger family tents are also greater in weight, it is important to determine how you would carry them. If your car is already loaded with people and stuff, then how would you take your large family tent with you? Even if you pack it, it is not too smaller in size that you can easily place it somewhere. It needs proper space to keep and to take with you form one place to another. Therefore, it you have enough space to carry your large family tent with you, only then make a purchase of it. If you have enough space, then go through all the above steps for choose the best large family tent.

Advantages of Large Family Tent

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• Keep the Family Closer

 One of the great advantage of buying a large size family tent is that it keeps all of your family closer. A vacation trip is the time when you can give your full time and attention to your loved ones. Then, why should you stay in different rooms while there is an option to stay closer. The large family tents keep the family closer and thus offer great benefits. For example, they provide family members the opportunities of late night gossips, chit chats, and joint munching etc.

• Gives a Home-like Feeling

Due to larger space and being close to each other, you would feel like you are at home in these tents. In comparison, if you are living in a small hotel room or a tent, you would find difficult to adjust. Hardly after a day or two, you will start missing your home or open space. These tents fulfil this need to keep you easy, relaxed and make your trip more amazing and full of fun.

• Enhanced Ventilation of the Tent

Due to being larger in size, these tents wouldn’t make you feel like you are in a cage. The more open space and more windows would ultimately increase the ventilation and make your tent airy. You will not feel suffocated inside the large family tent in any way.

• Roomy Tent for More Space

As the name exhibits, the large family tents offer a plenty of space. Due to more space, you can easily adjust into them, no matter how many people are you. Similarly, no matter how much luggage you are carrying with you, you can easily keep them inside your tent.

• Ensures Privacy between rooms

If you prefer to buy a large family tent with more rooms, they will enhance your privacy. For example, if there are more members in a family, you can divide different rooms among each other. In this way, your privacy wouldn’t be invaded during your sleep times.

Disadvantages of a Large Family Tent

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• Couldn’t bear Harsh Weather Conditions if is Not a Heavy Duty Tent

As they are larger in size, there are higher chanced that they may fall through high wind pressure. During stormy weather conditions, these tents are highly unstable and may fail to provide you protection and shelter. This is critical important to buy a Tent with Steel Legs Poles. For Family Tent avoid the Pop up tents wish are recommended for small groups like 4, because this kind of tents are like Soft Toys for the Wind. People In such situations, you must be prepared for another backup in order to keep you and your family safe.

• More Expensive Than Smaller Tent

These large family tents are more expensive than other types of tents. If you are thinking about buying a large family tent, you must specify your budget range. Then make a purchase within your range so that it may not imbalance you overall budget for your trip.

Keep in mind that brands like Coleman and Core sometimes can offer you Family Tents more expensive than another with cheaper materials, this is because the authority of the brand in the niche. This is why we encourage you to look at all the point to select the Right and Safety Tent for your family. Sometimes $20 can make a huge difference in quality.

• Hard to Set-up

These tents are difficult to set up and close, and therefore, you may need an instruction manual. If you have prior experience in camping, then you can easily set it and close it without any issue. If you don’t have any prior experience, you can still set a large family tent through the instruction manual.

• Hard to carry

Large family tents are relatively heavier in weight and therefore, they are hard to carry. You must need other people along with you to carry it or a vehicle to take it from one place to another with you. However, they give you an amazing and mind-blowing experience of camping.

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