How to Choose Best Instant Tents 2020

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Are you looking for buying an instant tent but unsure about which one to buy and how? Luckily, you are at the right place! This article will tell you everything from A-to-Z regarding instant tents.

What is an Instant Tent?

So, do you actually know what does the term instant tent means? Actually, the instant tent is such a tent that you can set within a minute and without any difficulty. It doesn’t matter whether you have a previous camping experience or not, if you have instant tent, you can set it in a minute.


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Are you planning to go on a tour where you would do the camping? If yes, then you must have some prior knowledge about camping. First of all, you must need to decide which tent you want to buy for camping. If you are looking for a tent that is easiest to set-up, in a minute, then go for buying instant tent. It would also be the best for you if you already didn’t have any tenting experience before. Now you must be thinking about how to choose the best instant tent for you? There are tents like Coleman instant cabin, Core instant tent and Americ Empire tents who offers great deal for a cheap price.

• Deciding your Budget for Buy a Instant Tent Camper Online

The first and foremost thing is that you must specify a budget under which you want to buy an instant tent for you. Whenever you are going on a tour, there are so many expenses that must be managed carefully to avoid any financial imbalances later on. For this purpose, must specify a budget for everything before to make your shopping for trip more organized. If you are going somewhere but planning to do the camping there, decide a budget for it. For example, you can say that you will buy an instant tent under $80 and no more than it. Then, it would become easier for you to look for instant tents under this amount.

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• Tent Size or Capacity

The next thing that you want to ensure for choosing or buying an instant tent is its size and capacity. It is very important to pay special consideration towards its size or capacity. This is because it would help you in deciding the right size and saving your extra money. For example, if you are travelling to some place alone and need a tent for only yourself, then you can buy a small size tent. In this way, your extra money would be saved in buying the smaller size tent. As compared to it, if you are travelling alone and buy a full size instant tent, it would be just a waste of money. Therefore, always select the size of the tent based on the capacity or number of people who will use it.


• Choose the best material

It is very  important to take a look before buying the instant tent is its material. As you wouldn’t be having 

any extra gears to protect you under harsh weather conditions, choose the best material instant tent to keep you protected. Instant tents and available in a variety of materials such as cotton, cotton mix, and nylon etc. The best material for an instant tent is the nylon material. It is the best among all because it acts as water resistant material and it will give you protection against rain water if suddenly rain starts. It would be the most durable material as the nylon could withstand with any harsh conditions and under all weathers. Due to being water resistant and durable, a large number of people prefer nylon material instant tents over others.

• Choose a Color

Always decide a color of the tent before you go for buying a tent. There are some colors that should be considered or avoided for certain weathers or conditions. For example, black is known as more heat absorbent. So, it is recommended to avoid buying a black colored instant tent if you are travelling to a hotter place. Similarly, cool colors would sometimes give a feeling of getting colder while warm colors give a feeling of warmth. Decide a color that you like and would suit with the weather.

• Make a Final Purchase

Before making a final purchase, make sure you are clear about all the above discussed features. When everything is decided, go for making a final purchase of the instant tent. If you are buying an instant tent by physically going to a shop, make sure you check it once. If you are buying from an online shop, make sure they provide the after-sale service. It is important because if your instant tent is with any defect, you could replace it with another one. However, these tents are very carefully designed that you would hardly find any defect. Make a final purchase of your instant tent and try to open and set it once at home before actually going on the tour.

Benefits of Instant Tents

  You must be thinking about why you should go for buying an instant tent? Here are some of the most important benefits of buying an instant tent.

• Best Shelter for Nights

Instant tents are considered as the best shelters for night. The reason is that when you come for rest after a hectic day, you don’t have to put much energy in setting them. As you are already so much tired and don’t have the energy to use in extensive set-ups, instant tent allows you the simplest and easiest setting. You can just open it and set it within a minute. Furthermore, you can set them at any place without any issue. Therefore, you don’t have to search for an ideal place to set your tent. Due to these reasons, these tents are the best shelters for the nights during your trip.

• Fast pitch System or Pop Up Tents

One of the best feature of the instant tents is that you just don’t need to have an instruction manual to set them. These tents are so simple that you just have to open them and set within a minute. You don’t have to go through extensive setting methods for instant tents. Due to this feature, these tents are considered as the best tents for all those who are going for camping for the first time. Furthermore, it saves a plenty of your time in setting and closing the tent. Whether you have any prior camping experience or not, you can effectively use them without any help or instruction manual.

• Highly Cost Effective

 As these tents are highly simple in design and don’t include any complex structures and setting materials, they are highly cost effective. Other tents such as army tents, family tents, etc. usually come with enhanced features that make them a bit costly. As compared to them, the instant tents are the simplest and lightest tents that are easy to purchase. Furthermore, you don’t need any extra material to buy with them in order to make them stand at a place. Due to this reason, they also considered as cost effective because you just have to buy a tent without anything else.

• Instant Tent Sizes and colors

They are available in various sizes and various colors, you can buy anyone based of your preferences and your needs. Decide a size according to your needs. For example, it you are travelling alone and need a tent only for yourself, then consider buying a shorter sized instant tent. If you are travelling with your companions and need camping for 2 or 3 persons, then consider buying a tent accordingly. Due to availability of different sizes, it helps in managing your costs in buying them. They are also available in a number of beautiful colors and you can buy anyone of them.

• Freestanding Tent 

Another amazing feature of instant tents is that they are the freestanding tents. Free standing means that they don’t need anything to pull them with that thing or hooks. You just need to open the tent and make them set at a place. Whether or not there are any hooks or trees around, you can still easily set them without assistance of any other thing. In this way, you don’t need to find a specific place to set your instant tent. Rather, you can easily set it at any place wherever you want. This freestanding feature make these instant tents highly demanded among people who go for camping. This is because there are many places where you don’t find any proper place to tie your tents. For such places, these freestanding tents are a blessing as you don’t have to worry about how to set them.

Now you know all of the basics of the instant tents, you are now able choose one for you. Whether you have prior knowledge about camping or not, this article would help you in buying and using the instant tent without any issue.

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