How to Choose the Best Multi Room Tent?

multiroom tent multi room tent for camping

Before learning about how to choose the best multiple room tent, it is important to learn about its basics? Without learning the basics of multi room tents, you wouldn’t be able to choose the best one for you. This article will help you in exploring the multi room tent basics, how to choose/buying guide, advantages, disadvantages as well as the necessary precautions in buying it. Let’s go through this article to make you able to choose a best multi room tent for you.

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Multiple Room Tents

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A tent that is divided into more than one room is called the multi-room tent. A multiple-room tent is more spacious, larger in size, and ideal for group or family camping. If you are planning to go on a camping trip with large number of people, consider buying a multi-room tent. But do you know how to choose the best multi-room tent for you? Not really? Don’t worry. This article will help in in choosing the best multi room tent for you. Just go through the following buying guide to learn about how you can choose one for you.

• Decide on the Number of People for a Separate Room Tent

It is very important to first analyze the number of people for which you are going to buy a multi-room tent. If there are more than 10 people, then you can consider buying a 3 or 4 rooms tent. In this tent, about 2-3 people will share a single room. However, it is not a rule but it is absolutely your own choice. You may give a single room to one person or may ask 4-5 people to share a room. Whatever you prefer, carefully decide how many people will be in your camping trip. It is important because on the basis of number of people, you will decide other things about multi-room tent.

• Decide on required number of rooms, doors, and windows

Based on how many people are going with you on a trip, you can decide the number of rooms, doors and windows in your tent. Some people prefer more windows for the purpose of increased ventilation through tent. Some people prefer more doors so that everyone in your camping trip can easily move in or out of tent. Similarly, some people prefer more rooms in order to ensure their privacy during their stay with others. Based on your own preferences, list down how many rooms, doors and windows you want. It will help you in buying a tent that will comply with your requirements.


• Decide on its Material of your Tent

Another critically important thing about choosing the best multi-room tent is deciding about its material. Most of the people choose the multi-room tent with low quality material in order to save cost. However, they are actually wasting their money because the low quality multi-room tent may break, couldn’t bear wind-pressure, and unable to meet the purpose. Furthermore, the low quality material may let the cold breeze pass through its windows or tears. In this way, saving some cost on material would make your camping pathetic and troubled. Therefore, must choose a material such as nylon/polyester, that could withstand with any harsh weather conditions. It must be able to provide you maximum protection under any conditions and must stand in higher wind-pressure.

• Specify your Budget/Range

Similarly, it is also important to decide a budget under which you want to buy your multi room tent. Usually, the multi room tent are not cheaper like other tents such as dome or instant ones. This is because of the greater size of the tent which adds up extra material to its design. Due to this reason and complex structure, the multi room tents are usually higher in cost. However, there are also varying prices among different multi room tents. These variations in prices are based on the size and number of rooms and related features.

• Decide on How you Would Carry its Weight?

As multi room tents are also heavier in weight, a single person can’t carry them all alone. Therefore, it becomes very important to decide whether you have a vehicle to carry them or any other facility? If you are going on camping on a public transport, whether it would allow you to keep it with you during travel? Before choosing the best multi room tent for your camping trip, must thing about these questions.

Advantages of Multy Room Tents

• Plenty of Space

They allow a plenty of space to you and your companions. You can feel as if it is your own space which you are not packed as like in other tents. Plenty of space allows you to move freely in them and keep your all possessions and luggage easily in them.

• Multiples and Separate Rooms

 The multiple rooms allow your large group to easily adjust in the camp. In a single room tent, large number of people cannot live easily and the space becomes congested. In multi room tent, a large group or large family can easily adjust and use either shared or separate rooms. They still look airy and spacious due to their design and size.

• Easy to organize while you´re Camping

The multi room tent makes your all possessions and luggage relatively easy to organize. As they are more spacious, you can keep all of your things inside them in an order. As compared to them, the other tents make it harder to keep and organize your stuff in them.

• Added Privacy to the Tent

Another best advantage of using the multi room tent is that they provide you the extra privacy. In the multiple rooms, you can adjust your companions according to their privacy concerns. For example, if there are some married couples in your group, keep each couple in a separate room. Similarly, if there are unmarried boys and girls in your group, keep the girls in one room and boys in another room. You can adjust the rooms according to your group’s preferences. The multi room allows you to get arranged into different rooms in order to keep your privacy intact.

• Keep Everyone Closer and Comfortable in a Camping Trip

Suppose you are going on a camping trip with your large family or with a large group. If all of you will arrange your own places e.g. hotels, for living, you may be be closer to each other. If you have to take or give something to another person in your group, you may need to travel longer towards his place. In this way, it would become difficult for you when you are already tired after long day. Therefore, the multi room tent is the best option for such situations as it would keep all of your closer. You can stay in contact with each other and easily see or visit each other for anything.

Disadvantages of a Multi Room Tent


• Heavy to Carry

The disadvantage of using the multi tent room is that they are heavy to carry from one place to another. As they are larger in size, their weight is greater than other types of tents. A single person cannot carry them from one place to another. Thus, it makes your trip hectic or troublesome due to this issue.

• Unstable in strong windy conditions

 In strong windy conditions, there is no guarantee whether your multi room tent would keep standing or not. If it fell on you, it would make physical damages along with making your trip worst.

• Costly than average tents

As there are more than one rooms and greater in size, multi room tent is costly for you. If you are buying it for just one or two days’ trip, then it would only add the extra cost to your trip budget.

• Challenging to set-up a Tent

There is one more disadvantage of using this tent which is the difficulty in setting it and closing it. The multi room tent is challenging to set-up and therefore, you must need to learn about it before actually using it.

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