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Why Should I Buy a Tent with Screen Porch?

If you are wondering about why you should go for buying a tent with porch, you must read this article first. A tent with a porch is the most amazing tent as it is completely different form all other tents. In this type of tent, there is an extended porch along with the inside room or rooms area. All other tents are like enclosed spaces but this tent also provides you a home like porch. It is most recommended if you want to enjoy the outside view by sitting outside of you room but stay protected from sunlight of rain. If you are using other types of tents, the sharp and hot sunrays, or even rain, would make it impossible for you to sit outside of your tent. In contrast, if there is a shade or shelter on you, just like one in porch tent, you would be able to sit outside or tent and enjoy the weather

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What to look for in buying a tent with porch?


• Size

The size of the tent should be chosen according to your needs. It also depends on the number of people who would stay inside it. The capacity of the tent must be evaluated first before choosing one for you. There are a wide range of tents with porch, available in the market. They come in different sizes, different capacity, and different layouts and colors. Furthermore, the tents with porch may consist of only one room or may be more than one room. If it is a one room tent with porch, the porch will be in front of that one room. If it is the tent with more than one room, then the porch will be in front of the first room. Make sure you calculate the number of people that are going with you on the camping trip. Depends on the total number of people, choose a size of the tent with porch. Consider buying a larger sized tent with porch for more people. Similarly, buy a smaller sized tent if you are going there with only few people such as 2, 3, 4 or so.

• Design

The design of the tent with porch also varies from each other. For example, there may be one, two or more windows in a room or so. It is your choice to decide which layout you like most. Furthermore, the porch may be little one as compared to the room or may be larger in size. It is also your choice to choose one that you like the most. Furthermore, the different colors and contrasts also enhance the designs of these tents with porch. Some of the designs are very beautiful and eye-catching while the other ones are simpler ones. The fancier or trendier tent will be, the more costly it would be. However, in choosing a tent, don’t only go for looking at its design or aesthetics, also look at all other features discussed here.

• Material

Just like other feature, it is also important to choose the best material of your tent. As the tent with porch is a little extended shaped tent, make sure you buy it in more durable material. Most of the porch tents available in the market comes with the highly durable materials. However, you will also find some of these with average quality. But it is always recommended to buy a good quality and durable material tent that would provide you full protection. Most of the tents with porch come with polyester material so that the porch could give you protection from rain water. You would also find these tents in cotton material or nylon-cotton mix material. Always choose a material that would be completely water resistant. In this way, you would be safe from rain water and ultraviolet sun rays or hot weather.


• Durability


Along with the durability of the tent material, it is also important that your tent must be durable itself. Its poles, sides, roof top, and porch must be stable under fast speed winds and harsh weather conditions. You would be glad to know that almost all of the tents with porch are designed to provide more durability. As the have an extended porch with them, it becomes important for designers to make its design firmer and durable. It is because in this way, they provide firm support to the extended porch.

• Price

Before going to the market to buy the tent with porch for you, must evaluate their prices. Their prices vary according to their sizes. For example, the smaller sized porch tents would be cheaper or more affordable. In contrast, the larger sized tents with porch would be relatively more expensive. However, if you have a little flexible budget for buying a tent, you can easily buy a tent with porch. Make sure you choose the right size of the tent. If you are more people and you buy the tent with porch in a smaller size, it would be your wrong purchase. It is because all of you would not easily fit into the tent and it would become congested for you all. On the other hand, if you are only 2 or 3 persons and you buy a large sized tent with porch, it would again be a wrong purchase. This is because it would only waste your money as the more extended or extra space would be of no use for you.

Therefore, it is always recommended that whenever you go to market to buy a tent, make sure to learn about how to choose the best one. By focusing on all of the above discussed features, you would buy the best tent with porch for you.


Advantages of buying a tent with porch



t is highly recommended that before making any purchase, take a closer look on its pros and cons. Therefore, before buying the tent with porch for you, make sure you look deeply at its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of buying the tent with porch are as follows as:

• Can withstand high winds

As this type tents are more durable, they would be able to withstand high winds. They are usually tied up with strong poles and have durable and firm material. These features give them extra strength to bear the pressure of fast winds. However, in situations of wind storms, these tents may become unstable if you are using one in a larger size.

• Aesthetically beautiful

Due to porch attached with these tents, they look very beautiful and lavish. Due to the porch, they give a home like appearance. They are not only beautiful but they also provide you the most comfortable living experience throughout your camping. They also look adorable in photography and make your photos turn out great.

• You can enjoy outdoor views while staying protected from sunlight and rain

One of the biggest advantage of using these tents with porch is that you can still enjoy the outside view by sitting outside even in rainy day. When it is raining, you can still sit under your porch roof while staying protected from rain water. Similarly, you can use these tents in a very hot day. In a hot or sunny day, we cannot sit under direct sun light for longer. But you can sit under the shelter of porch even for ours and enjoy the beautiful scenarios around.

Disadvantages of buying a tent with porch


However, everything comes with some disadvantages too, and so are these tents with porch. They have the following disadvantages that you must know before making a final plan to buy them.

• Case and weight


Due to being heavier in weight, they are not handy at all. Not only heavier, but they are also larger in size, which makes it hard to carry them on your shoulders. In order to carry them with you, you must have been travelling on your own car. If not, then you must have something that would carry these tents with you form place to place. In most of the hilly or adventurous areas where driving a car is difficult, it also becomes difficult to carry these tents.

• Sometimes costly

Due to an extended feature, the beautiful porch, these tents are a bit costly than the other simpler tents. It sometimes would be an issue for you if you have a very limited budget. However, if you buy them one time, they would be most usable for you in every camping trip. As they are highly durable porch tents, they would not be damaged easily and would stay the same for years. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in some good thing one time, and keep enjoying its benefits in long run.

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