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How Hanging Tent is Different from Regular Tents?

 Hanging tent are also know it as tree tents. These portable treehouses combining the versatility of hammocks and the comfort and security of tents.

Hanging tents, also known as Suspended or Hammock tents, are different than the other types of regular tents. All of types of tents are set up on the ground floor while the hanging tents, as their name suggests, are hanged in the space. The hammock tents are usually easier to set up and can be easily set-up on any place where there are trees.

On the other hand, some of the regular tents are harder to set-up and you may need an instruction manual or help for them. Furthermore, the hanging tent will also give you the little vibrations or soothing feelings while the other tents are static at a place.

Top 10 Suspended Tree Tent 2019

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• People Capacity

First make sure about how many people are going to use it during your camping trip. If there are many people going with you, them it is recommended to use any other type of tent such as family tent or multi room tent. However, if you are only limited people, then a hanging or suspended tent would be ok to use. For example, if you are only 2 or 3 people going on a camping trip, then a hanging or Hammock tent will be perfect. Similarly, if you are going alone on a camping trip, then this tent would be a perfect one for you.

• Size of Hammock Tents

Before going on the camping trip, if you decide to have a hanging tent, make sure to choose a size carefully. Just like other tents, this tent also comes in different sizes. If you will be only one person at the trip, you can buy the smaller sized hanging tent. If you will be more than one people, then it is recommended to buy a size accordingly. In this way, choosing the right size would make your camping experience more amazing and mesmerizing.

• Fabric Materials

Make sure you buy a fabric that would be more durable and strong. It is also important to make sure that the fabric would be waterproof and heat resistant. It must be able to save you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and also protect you from the rain water. As the tent will be hanging on the trees, all of the burden will be on its bottom surface. Therefore, it must be made up of a highly durable and strong material so that it may not tear down.

• Other Considerations like Cheap Price

It is very important to consider some more important things while choosing the best hanging tent for you. You must look for the area or land conditions where you are going on trip. For example, you must look for whether there would be trees to hang the tent or not. You must see if the weather conditions would be appropriate to hang it on the trees or not. Furthermore, you must also look for the firmness of tree to ensure whether they would be able to bear the tent burden or not. It is also important to look for any supporting material that would help in hanging the tent more firmly.

It is also recommended to choose your luggage carefully. Do not pack so much unnecessary things with you as they will only add up the extra burden on your tent. Therefore, if you are going to use the hanging or suspended tent, make sure to avoid carrying extra possessions with you. This is because in this way, your tent will be lighter and there would not be any extra burden on it.

Advantages of Hanging/Suspended Tents

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• More Comfortable for Sleeping

One of the best advantages of this type of tents is that you just don’t need any mattresses to put on the bottom for comfortable sleeping. As they are already hanged above the ground, you wouldn’t feel the hard surface of the ground. When you lay down in these hanging tents, you would feel so comfortable as there would be no harder surface beneath you. In other types of tents, you won’t be able to sleep comfortably because of the hardness of the ground. If you keep some mattresses with you to set under those tents, it would only add more burden on you in travelling. It is sometimes impossible to carry that extra stuff, e.g. mattresses, with you and due to this, you would have to sleep on floor. In this way, it becomes impossible for you to sleep peacefully as you might not be used to sleep on harder surfaces.

• Smaller and Lighter

Another best benefit of this type of tent is that it is very lighter to carry from one place to another. Furthermore, it is relatively smaller in size that you can easily pack it or carry it with your luggage. These features enhance its portability and make it more handy to use. As compared to it, the other tents are usually heavier in weight and couldn’t be easily carried inside your luggage.

• Faster and Easier Set-up

All you need to do is to simply hang your tent into the trees or so. Hanging a tent is not really difficult and you can easily do it without any difficulty. In contrast, setting-up other tents are relatively difficult and you may not do it properly all alone. In some tents, you would need an instruction manual or may need some experience in camping. It would take a lot of your time in properly setting-up your tent while setting a suspended tent is easier and faster.

• Never Destroys the Nature

tent over ground

It is important to know that some of the tents may destroys the nature without making you realize it. Suppose, you are going on a camping trip and set-up your large tent at a place. There may be little plants at a place where you set-up your tents. When you stay in these tents for fewer days, the little plants may be destroyed due to several reasons. The first is that the heavy weight put over these plants kills their ventilation and sunlight and pull them down on the ground. As a result, they start dying and thus, the nature becomes affected. In contrast, the hanging or suspended tent would be slighting upside from the ground. As it will be hanging on the space, the little plants on the ground would stay fresh and alive. They would not have to bear the burden of the tent and thus, the nature wouldn’t be affected.

• Better UV Protection

Another great benefit of the hanging or suspended tents is that they are the best in providing ultraviolet protection. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are very harmful for our skin and body and they can cause various skin diseases. Sometimes, the heat of the sun is unbearable if we stay in direct contact/exposure with them. Therefore, your tent must be the one that would completely protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays. The hanging/suspended tents are the ones that perfectly meet these requirements. Being under the shade of the tree also helps in saving you from damaging ultraviolet rays.

• Better Rain Protection in Hanging Tents

It is also important that the tent would not make you wet in conditions of rain. In this aspect, the hanging tents are great as they are usually made up of polyester material which serves best as being a water resistant tent. Due to this feature, it gives you complete protection against the rainwater. You and all of your luggage stay safe and protected under heavy rain.

Disadvantages of Hanging/Suspended Tents

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• Hard to Stand or Walk Inside Them

As they are hanging in the space, their bottom is not supported by the ground. Therefore, it becomes difficult to stand or walk in them properly. However, you can easily stand or walk in regular tents as they are completely supported by the ground.

• Not Stable in Intense Weather Conditions

One of the disadvantages of using this type of tent is that they are not stable under high speed winds. In high speed winds, these tents keep on fluctuating which causing issues of imbalance.

• Tree Position Require to Hang the Tent

It is also important to hang tree or something to have them. In the absence of tree or wall or any hanging support, you are unable to use this tent. Similarly, you cannot buy these tents with the weaker trees as the tree may not be able to bear the weight of your tent, luggage and people. Also is important the position of the tree to give the stability and safety you need to avoid fallout from the Tent

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